Twing - Fun Science Challenges - Apps on Google Play
• Hands-on science experiments, STEM projects and how-to videos that helps children unlock imagination, spark curiosity and accelerate learning. • Safe and secure digital environment with utmost data protection and security to prevent any misuse. • Trustworthy community, where children can share their projects, learn and get inspired together. --- 3 Building Blocks of Twing 1- EXPLORATION & DISCOVERY Twing opens the doors of STEAM to children. Children will discover concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics while doing DIY projects. They will get inspired by how-to videos or other kids presenting their unique projects. 2- CREATIVITY & IMAGINATION "Don't touch it, you'll break it" era is closed. Twing encourages children to look into problems, ask questions and design their own solutions. They are taking an active role in discovering and creating. Creativity is not the product but the part of Twing's process. 3- LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT Twing is a social, fun and interactive learning experience unlike other applications. Experimenting with Twing enhances motor skills by teaching the fundamental engineering, physics and science concepts with hands-on experiments."
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